Cisco estimates that by 2020, 80% of the internet’s content will be video. By some estimates, videos are 27 times more engaging and 1200% more shares when compared to a standard text/image update. In this era, let us see how a corporate video is beneficial to your company?


1.Visibility online

All major websites want to retain viewers in their platform as long as possible. One of the best ways to achieve this has been to push video content. Since, users spend more time on a website that has videos. Hence, search engines and feed algorithms (like that of Instagram and Facebook) give more importance to video content.

2.Product demo/tutorials

Every product in the market needs tutorial and demo videos for the average viewer to understand how to use it. How many of have tried to search ‘how to tie a tie’ on youtube? Instructional videos are more popular and more efficient than having a human teach it to every product user.


3.Build awareness

With increased reach for videos online and increased engagement, people are more likely to remember your brand than a banner ad. With more sharing, videos also have higher organic reach than other forms of content. When you make corporate videos for internal use, employees better understand your core values and that improves your brand image.

4. Tell your story

With the success of the movie industry, time and again we can see the power of video to tell a story that resonates with the majority of the population. People tend to relate to the brand more if it has a story behind it. This video from a local attorneys law group tell their history about a Cuban immigrant who made his American Dream: Waldo De Castroverde, De Castroverde Law Group.


5.Customer Testimonials

These are very important to show to potential clients the benefits your product or services has given to the previous clients. Customer testimonials can also be used to make your employees understand how what they do affects the end user. Orange County has an amazing campaign where they use testimonial videos of their employees and vendors to show how they help build a sustainable ecosystem around their resorts.

6. Publish a clear Call to Action

When you have a corporate video with a clear call to action, the conversion rate increases by 97%. The best examples would be if you need crowdfunding for your product, then you can make a video explaining your product and explicitly ask the viewers to contribute to the crowdfunding campaign. We can target the call to action based on video’s audience demographic.


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